We think a ahead.
And bring you forward.
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Being successful today requires holistic thinking. From the idea to product development, to production and operation. We, the TMG Technologie Management Gruppe, have been following this holistic approach for years to increase the value of the companies:

From the idea to product development, to production and processes  Details
Market / Product Excellence (MAPEX)
Operational Excellence (OPEX)
Create Value
We moderate and develop concepts, coach complex projects and manage companies.

The holistic way of thinking is the basis of our work. It is important to first ask the right questions in order to define the right goals, so that the right tools and methods are used, and we can assist you in the implementation.

Money is not earned with good ideas or inventions, but only by increasing and creating benefits from the customer's point of view.
  • What technological changes are coming and what impact do they have on us?
  • How can we use our existing competencies and skills to explore new business segments beyond our current limits?
  • What are the future requirements of our products and how do we professionally manage these requirements?
  • How do we have to align our technology and innovation management so that we can meet the pressure for change?
  • What´s the picture of our worldwide R&D organization and what rules are needed?
We develop technological trends and strategies together with you, search for new business segments or product ideas based on your today’s skills, define future product profiles with you, align your requirements, technology and innovation management future-oriented, and develop a worldwide R&D management as well as the required organization.
Successful companies eliminate or reduce the functions and costs in their products, which do not benefit the customer.
  • How must our project and product portfolio look like, to do the right things?
  • What are the allowable costs for our products and how do they compare to the competition?
  • What is a reasonable product platform, and do we need a technology building kit?
  • What problems do we have in our products and how do we solve them?
We optimize your project and product portfolio, sustainably reduce your product costs with the help of our sound cost engineering, enable cost comparisons (shadow price calculation, parametric calculation, bottom-up calculation) and benchmarks, develop product platforms and technology building kits with you, and help you find and eliminate product problems in a structured manner.
The key success factor for manufacturing companies is an industrial strategy focused on their business to manufacture their products.
  • What must our make-or-buy strategy look like in order to react flexibly to the markets?
  • What is the cost-optimal footprint for supplying the global markets and what are the resulting value adding and competence profiles for the individual locations?
  • Do we need a new location and if so, where?
  • Are there new suppliers that we do not know yet?
  • How does our organization need to be sized if our business is declining?
We develop the make-or-buy and in- or outsourcing strategy with you, define your global production and procurement network, help you select locations and develop location concepts, search for new suppliers with our network partners worldwide and support you in qualifying them, dimension your organization retrogradely in the event of a business change if required.
Create Value
Being able to recognize optimization potential quickly and to unlock it through targeted measures is the daily challenge for successful companies.
  • How is our internal value added structured and where do we have urgent need for action?
  • Which production technologies do we use and what does the corresponding machine concept look like?
  • Which purchasing strategy do we pursue and what does the global procurement network look like for the production network?
  • What is the risk in our supplier structure, and do we have to react?
  • Which processes control the global production network and logistics processes and are they efficient?
  • How to organize the roles and responsibilities in production control and order processing?
  • Are our processing landscape and organizational structures mapped correctly in ERP/SAP?
  • Can we improve our product ramp-ups and increase our output?
We align your production value-stream oriented, optimize your processes in order processing, help you with the selection, implementation and optimization of ERP systems, organize your supplier management and optimize delivery performance. We actively support you in your start-up management and support you in increasing your output.

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