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Our holistic way of thinking always demands to know the right expert / partner for the upcoming tasks. With the help of our network we can react faster and uncomplicated to the requirements of the companies. However, the basic prerequisites for sustainable added value from networks are reliability, security and trust. Therefore, we operate a professional partner management in order to always be able to provide the right experts at the right time.

Together we are even stronger.

Existing knowledge is a valuable resource that must be shared and used as efficiently as possible. We, the TMG Technologie Management Gruppe, are glad to make a sustainable contribution for our customers.

Finding suppliers faster and identifying risks with the help of digital supplier search based on artificial intelligence and Big Data.
  • Through the combination of artificial intelligence and big data, they can transparently present the global supplier market and identify new suppliers in a targeted manner and quickly identify risks. This is a task for digital platforms.

TMG cooperates with a start-up (supplier scouting) in the search for and development of new suppliers. The scouting software finds and evaluates 180 times more new suppliers much faster and offers a holistic insight of suppliers.

Find and manage ideas faster with web-based software that maps all the methods of modern innovation management.
  • Markets are becoming more dynamic and companies must successfully implement all kinds of innovations within the shortest possible time. The classic approaches of process-based idea management and innovation management will be supplemented by further methods, for example digital labs, business plan challenges, customer co-creation or by cooperation with start-ups.

In order to meet this challenge, we cooperate with innovation management platforms for idea management and technology scouting.

Technology experts
Finding the right expert for the specific task - no easy challenge
  • Each task is specific and requires deep understanding of the technologies used.

We cooperate with more than 50 technology experts who we appoint in case our expertise is not sufficient. This can be the case in the technological evaluation of products and the development of a sound calculation.

We have been cooperating successfully with a company in the field of cost calculation for many years. The software house has effective tools for controlling multi-dimensional calculations.

Interim Managers
We cooperate with an extensive network of experienced interim managers.
  • In challenging situations such as expansion, entry into new markets or restructuring, it can make sense to draw on external management expertise. Companies use external know-how for a specific period to master the upcoming challenges quickly and professionally.

We have an extensive network of interim managers with subject-specific expertise and will place them at the companies’ disposal if required.

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